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Addiction Therapy

Addiction can happen to anyone at any time regardless of job, career, religion, race or socio-economic standing. I’ve seen doctors become addicted, nurses become addicted, and little old ladies become addicted. Addiction is powerful, the numbers of people, who conquer this problem alone, are few. The primary process that leads to a solution is: 1. a person begins to realize that they have a problem, and 2. a person makes a decision to get help. This therapist has been helping people to overcome addiction, from heroin to methamphetamines to pain killers to alcohol for over 20 years. I have seen thousands of people conquer their addiction and live wonderful lives, be there for their family members, and develop wonderful careers. This can be you. As a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor, I have decades of experience and training in addiction and use many evidence-based practices for success:

1. Addictions counseling- CBT/REBT
2. Trauma-based counseling
3. Case management - referrals for supportive services 
4. Ongoing support- phone/texting/and email 








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