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Divorce is one of the most traumatic experiences one can ever undergo.  If children are involved then process of a divorce has even deep implications and consequences.  Study's indicate that its not actually divorce itself that is specifically causing the most damage, but actually the way in which people divorce.  The "anger", the "resentments", "verbal assaults", and the most destructive behavior of "using the children as tools to attack each other".  "Using children to deliver negative and hurtful messages".  During counseling sessions with children whose parents were divorcing, children confided in me regarding the pain they experienced  when their parents would talk horribly about the other parent in front of them.  Divorce is painful, unpleasant but a couple can process through a divorce in a way that results in the least amount of damage.  Therapy can help a divorcing family achieve this, the counselor uses several evidenced-based interventions to help couples safely navigate through divorce:

1. Therapeutic Interventions  

mediation - guiding the couple towards closure, resolution, and mutual best interest of the children

2. Communication skills - at a confusing time it is vital that the communication is not

3. Provide counseling both individually and separately

4. Ongoing support for both parties - by phone, texting and email  

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