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Family Therapy

The most vital component, the most impacting organism to the survival of civilization is the "Family".  For from the family we create our fathers, mothers, sisters & brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, doctors, lawyers, dentists, nurses, firefighters, therapists, writers, musicians, poets, scientists, democrats, republicans, congressman/congresswoman, addicted persons, mentally ill, killers, rapists, woman beaters etc.... Therefore, the healthy functioning is vital to our overall survival.  When family relationships breaks down the consequences can go on for generations.  When the unthinkable takes place professional counselor provides the best opportunity to restore healthy functioning to a family.  This therapist has assisted families for over 20 years.  I have seen families cry together, hug each other, laugh together and forgive each other. This therapist uses several evidenced-based practices:

1. Multi-system theory - which incorporates the contributions of each family member

2. Family-Sculpting - which allows each family member to physically see the emotional state of each family member

3. Weekly counseling 

4. Continued family support - phone/text/email

5. Case Management 

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