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Spiritual Abuse

Church is a place where people go to be renewed, to be strengthened, to practice their faith, to develop deep committed intimate relationships with people they learn to grow, to love and trust. However, this is not always the experience of some. In fact, many people have been deeply hurt and had deep traumatic painful experiences that have altered their life forever. It has altered their view on relationships with other people and even their relationship with God.  As a former pastor, I have become deeply acquainted with this dichotomy that exist within the walls of the church. I have seen pastors hurt people beyond belief. I have seen church members reject people, lie about people, and destroy their reputations. I have seen leadership in the church divulge deeply private and intimate information that was entrusted to them behind the walls of the counseling office, never saying they were sorry or admitting they were wrong. I have met women that were molested in churches by the very person that they entrusted with their spiritual growth and development. These experiences leave deep lasting scars, they can impact a person for the rest of their life. Fortunately, professional counseling by a skilled therapist can provide opportunity to experience wonderful healing and the possibility of moving on and even expressing faith in God once again. This therapist uses several proven therapy practices in order to help a person overcome their past: 
1. Psychotherapy- exploring traumatic experiences and their emotional, psychological and spiritual implications 
2. Spiritual counseling- understanding God/and dark forces
3. CBT/And REBT Therapy
4. Trauma-based therapy - the discovering the depth of emotional and psychological pain
5. Ongoing support - phone, text, emails 

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