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Sex Therapy

The brain is capable of processing 5.2 Billion bits of information per second and our brains remember everything! This means that every word ever spoken to you, every experience you had remains stored in your memory.  To make matters more profound, we have what we call  "Emotional Memory". Even when we don't remember the details or facts of an event, our psyche and emotions can remember it, and many become most aware of these experiences and events during the act of sex.  During the act of sex these words that were said to us, those things that were done to us, come back to our awareness.  And, even though we find ourselves with someone, who loves us, someone, who would never hurt us, our past comes to haunt us.  So much so that we feel uncomfortable in sex, afraid, ugly undesirable.  This is where counseling comes in.  There is only one true way of overcoming a problem.  If your afraid to fly, then you have to get on a plane.  If you are afraid of starting a business, then, to overcome a fear, you have to start a business.  If you are having a problem overcoming, there is only one solution for you - "FACE IT!".  Look it straight in the eye and walk towards it!  Counseling presents a fantastic opportunity to do this.   If you would allow me the privilege, I would enjoy joining you on this journey.

1. Weekly Counseling 

2. Trauma-Based Counseling 

3. Continuous support email/text

4. Psycho-education



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