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Terence A. Rozzell BS, MS, LPCC, LICDC,

2023 PhD Candidate

Restoration Therapist



The Processes of Cultivating Unhealthy, Unethical and Illegal Relationships Between Educators and Students 

Good day my name is Terence A. Rozzell, I have been a counselor for over 20 years.  I am very concerned with the epidemic of educators developing illegal, unhealthy, and unethical relationships with their students.  These educators appear to have pre-existing emotional and psychological issues that are causing this social phenomenon, and this can be prevented with the appropriate strategies and intervention that can effectively prepare educators for an environment with vulnerable minors.  I have developed an evidenced-based curriculum that covers an exhaustive topic addressing the issues:


  1. Unethical – violates all moral guidelines;

  2. Unhealthy – it is destructive to the child, the families, the schools, other educators; and 

  3. Illegal – the consequences are severe and life altering. 
















Self-Insight and Self-Awareness Borderline Personality Disorder

The Shadow (Jung, 1963) “The Unknown Darkside” our personality 

Dark Psychology and Seduction 

Defined: Dark psychology is used against the weak, people who are intrinsically disadvantaged, whether physical, emotional maturity, intellectually, by a status or a position. 

Why discuss mind control? 

Because this is the essential power that is used when an educator cultivates an unhealthy relationship with a student, Intellectual Power

Example:  My clients

What is mind control or mind manipulation? Psychologist Philip Zimbardo “Mind control is defined as a process whereby the freedom of action and choice of an individual or group is compromised by agencies or agents that distort or modify motivation, perception, behavioral and/or cognitive outcomes”.

Mind Control and emotional influence 

  • Approaches the victim 

  • Based on deception

  • Persuasion becoming a manipulator

  • “Unfreezing” some of these kids grow-up in families with very defined belief & value systems, disconnecting them from this is a process called unfreezing.   


Multiple cues: scanning the victim; verbal style, body language, social status, gender, emotional stability.  

The process of mind control 


  • “Deception is identified as the act of misleading, promoting an ideas, concept, or belief that is false or simply hiding the truth

  • The role of emotional influence in deception

  • The most applied emotion in deception is “trust”.  If you find yourself expending a lot of time and effort trying to gain a student trust ask yourself why?

  • Define trust: “Trust is the act of holding a firm belief in the ability, truth, and reliability of someone



Psychological definition of Manipulation – manipulation is described as a social influence that focuses on changing perceptions or behaviors of other parties usually through deceptive, abusive, or underhanded methods.  Techniques used in Manipulation 

Dark emotional or psychological manipulation has some aspects of coercion and persuasion, “because it’s done intellectually”:

Intermittent Reinforcement; Arguments – Intellectually overpowering the student with rationalizations; Indirect Insults; Nitpicking; Gaslighting; Destroying Self-esteem; Lying; Guilt; Threats; Triangulation; Condition; Silent treatment; Passive Aggressive Revenge; Confusing Reality; Mind Control; Canceling Willpower; Blackmailing; Shaming; Smear Campaign; Motivation. 


Questions to Ask Yourself – Questionnaire 1

Questionnaire 2 Histrionic Personality Disorder


Brain Development in Preteens and Adolescents 


Power; Relationships; Parents; Roles; Manipulation.


The devastating consequences of illegal, unhealthy, and unethical relationships with students is exhaustively explored.

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