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Couples Therapy

A man and woman bring their lives together is a complicated endeavor, to say the least.  Each person comes with their own belief systems, ideologies, past hurts, attitudes, culture and personalities/temperaments.  Because of these interesting dynamics even though people are madly in-love,  conflicts,  arguments, anger even hatred and deep resentments con exist and escalate.  When children become a part of the equation the situation can then create an unhealthy environment for all persons involved.  This is when counseling becomes absolutely necessary, before feelings and attitudes evolve into defense mechanisms, behaviors, broken relationships and unhealthy lifestyles.   I provide counseling strategies in order to create communication, healing and healthy relationships:

1. Weekly counseling sessions 

2. Evaluations/recommendations 

3. Multi-system theory integrates all the contributions of each partner 

4.  Communication skills - evaluates current communication styles and incorporates enhancements

5. Evidenced-based therapies


7. Videos  

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