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Each of us, all human beings, have an instinctual understanding of self. Then we may not understand everything: we may not have all the data and information, we sometimes experience the awareness that something is holding us back, something is keeping us from becoming the best we can be, something is controlling us that we cannot see, taste, touch, or smell. It is in these experiences that we realize that things that are not exposed to our conscious selves are impacting us, affecting us, limiting us. This is why psychotherapy was designed, helping us explore, helping us become aware of hidden dynamics and mechanisms that affect our thinking, our feelings, and our behavior, and ultimately our decision making. The counselor uses several evidence-based proven effective therapy processes that help a patient see things that they didn’t see before, feel things they didn’t feel before, and know things that they didn’t know before. 

1. Weekly counseling- psychotherapy 
2. An eclectic approach to therapy which uses many different therapeutic models:
b. Gestalt
c. Logos therapy 
d. Existential therapy and more
3. Case management 
4. Ongoing support - phone/texting/emails
Please use video dealing with failure 

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