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Challenge of Teens

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Being a teenager presents new and different challenges than it once did for many of us. High school presents challenges that are absolutely unbelievable! High school is filled with many young people who are afraid, insecure and don't get much family support at home. They aren't very confident in groups and they are definitely seeking anything that will help them feel better about themselves. Usually this comes in the form of a very passive shy and insecure student, who they feel they can make feel horrible, in order to make themselves feel strong. And here we have the makings for "bullying", Bullies are often being bullied at home or being bullied by someone else, so they cope with it by bullying somebody else. Not to mention insecurity about girls or boys self-esteem issues, competition, sexuality or discovering sexuality, their futures and 1 million other challenges that face young people who don't have the coping skills or resources in order to meet these challenges. This is where counseling comes in. Often parents are overburdened by making a living, making ends meat, dealing with ex-'s single-parent homes that don't have the time or the energy to spend as much time with their children, as they would like. Sometimes these parents are working two jobs. Sometimes they are living with parents who are having trouble in their marriage and these teens get to hear every fight and every argument. The counselor has developed a group therapy program were teenagers have the opportunity to be with other teenagers that are having the same problems and challenges that they are. This provides strength support and the feeling that they are not alone. During the groups process the counselor uses evidence-based practices to help the teens develop coping skills and strategies, correcting thinking errors, address unhealthy behaviors and rebuild their self-esteem. The counselor leads and guides the teenagers to discover their own solutions, to discover their own coping skills, and to discover themselves. This therapy process helps teenagers to rebuild their relationships with their parents and identify they're self defeating behavior. The group therapist uses games, the power of the group and evidence-based treatment practices to help the teenager find a healthier path. If you're teenager is having struggles, as a parent who has raised a teenager and who's been working with adolescents for many years, I urge you to get help for your child. I will be awaiting your call and I will be quick to respond.

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