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Updated: May 21, 2020

Addiction is a plague that is threatening our country and our world today and despite popular belief, it is a much more threatening plague than COVID-19 could ever be! Absolutely everyone is at risk for addiction I have seen medical doctors become addicted, I have seen nurses become addicted, I have seen counselors become addicted, I have seen little old ladies, who go to church every Sunday and who never had a drink of alcohol or done a drug in their lives, become addicted to painkillers. The reality is that this problem is so invasive, so absolutely powerful and overwhelming that very few people will be able to overcome it without getting help from others. Here is where Counseling comes in, I have seen hundreds and hundreds of people overcome addiction and develop wonderful meaningful lives, becoming effective family members, becoming wonderful dad‘s and mom‘s, sons and daughters, building careers and enjoying wonderful new lives. If you’re willing to get a good counselor and do some work this can happen for you also and I would like to invite you to allow me to go on the journey with you.

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