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There is practically no one who doesn't have a friend, love one or family members who have not been impacted by addiction. Addiction is a peculiar phenomenon. Because addiction is all the same. Whether a person uses food , drugs, alcohol, sex or working, we only get high on one drug, "Dopamine". As the dynamic of addiction is the activity pushes out dopamine at different levels, speeds and amounts. Another interesting dynamic of addiction is the person who loves the addicted, who does not ingest the chemical in their bodies, can become sicker than the person using the chemicals. The more one loves the addicted person, the greater the risk of getting sick. RESTORATION THERAPIST LLC will be formulating an ADDICTIONS GROUP THERAPY very soon. The group will meet once per week, the group will be facilitated by a LICENSED INDEPENDENT CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY COUNSELOR. There will be evidence-based material used, a beautiful exchange of ideas and support. The group provides an individual counseling session with the therapist once per month. The session will be online $60 per session, can pay monthly, $150 or $190, for couples are welcome, married couples and other, court-ordered welcomed.

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