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Our reality has been traumatized due to natural and created crises in our country. The educational loss for students is insurmountable (UNICEF, 2022). We have experienced a rise in mental health illnesses (Dr. Narasimhan, 2020). The United States has seen 93,000 drug overdoses after lockdowns were implemented. We are talking about mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters, who are no longer with us. Domestic violence cases increased by 25-33% globally, and an 8% increase occurred after implementing lockdown orders. Wesley and Walsh (2022) noted a 5.4% increase in physical abuse and a 13% increase in emotional abuse. This means that we need to know where to get help.

If you or your loved one are experiencing mental health issues, addiction, or family and marriage problems, contact Restoration Therapist. We provide services for:

  • Children (play therapy);

  • Adolescents;

  • Adults, marriage & family counseling

  • Mental illnesses

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