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Topic: Self-empowerment

In my counseling career, I have had many epiphanies. No matter how much training, education, or experience I gain, I could never know a client better or more than they know themselves. Therefore, the answers a person is looking for are always within themselves, and this is where I begin my therapy. The most potent force in anyone’s life is themselves. It’s not what other people think about us, or what they believe about us. It’s what we think and believe about ourselves. It’s not what other people believe about us; it's what we ourselves do which determines our fate. For a particular time in my career, I had women who were professional models coming to me for therapy. All these women were above-average beauty human beings, and all had one thing in common: none believed they were beautiful, and all had poor self-esteem. Isn’t this amazing? These young ladies were the only people who thought they weren’t beautiful. Despite everyone else believing they were beautiful, it didn’t matter. Often

people make the mistake of giving the power of their lives to someone else. My mother had beautiful wisdom, “Always be your number one fan; never say anything against yourself.” People fail to realize that we can only control one thing “OURSELVES.” But we spend time trying to control everything else but ourselves. Self-empowerment is the key! And the goal of my therapy is to help a client develop self-insight and self-awareness of the reality that they possess all the power over their lives. We are the problem, but we are also our solution. Consider the thought – Terence A. Rozzell MS LPC LICDC LPCC

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