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Think About It!!! Self-empowerment/Self-sufficiency

Updated: May 21, 2020

The term self-sufficiency and self-empowerment have become lost in a field of worthlessness. They been used to such a thorough therapeutically driven environment that the vital importance of this principle in key to life has been lost. We're swimming in a sea of codependency and dependence on everybody else but ourselves. Allow me to present to you how these false and ineffective ideologies permeate our thinking and our family structure, our education system and our entire society. Example 1, "I can never feel loved unless someone loves me" This statement basically makes everyone else responsible for this person feeling loved and having a feeling of self-worth but "themselves". However, in all actuality the highest form of love and self-worth is the love and self-worth that one expresses towards themselves and it is this quality of love that allows them to express love to the world. Example 2, "I can go on with my life until the person that hurt me apologizes to me and asked for my forgiveness". Just think of the absolute power this gives a person over their lives? Even when the person is dead they still have power over them! Basically, it states that I can't succeed and I can't progress unless someone else does something and if they don't do it than I am bound to a life of mediocrity and lack of success. Notice that there is no indication or sign of self-empowerment or self-worth or one's own existing power and abilities.

Example 3, "I can't succeed, I can't progress I can't get promotions unless someone else recognizes my own self-worth". How can anyone be expected to see my self-worth, when I don't even see it? Basically, stating that I'm completely dependent on someone else identifying my abilities and skills, if they don't see it, I basically don't have any. Just think about these ideologies, think about this pattern of thinking. Just think about the absolute

de-powering affects this mentality places a person in. My message to people as a Professional Counselor is that "all people are capable of being a success". The question is developing the skills, and being able to believe in oneself. Counseling enables a person to see and acknowledge the gifts and talents that already exist within them. Now for a grander example of how this defective ideology has negatively impacted and has had a disastrous effect on an entire race of people. Example 4," we have to help poor black folks". So, we gave black people food stamps and welfare. Affirmative action, "poor black people can't enter into the world of education on their own so we have to lower the standards and the protocols to compensate for their defectiveness". And now let's look at the results of this absolutely defective and destructive ideology, blacks ranked lowest in financial achievement and social economic standing, blacks rate lowest in educational achievement, college degrees and graduating from high school, blacks make up 75% of the criminal justice system population, meaning blacks go to jail more than any other nationality in existence. You would think that after all this help, all these social economic programs, all of these agencies that help the poor, all of these educational programs, that blacks would be number one. But this is not the case, the more help that has been given, the less the productivity. This is because all the social economic programs, all of these agencies fail to transmit the key message, "that your smart enough, and capable of being successful, You can be self-sufficient and self-empowering and you can help to empower others". The ability to help a person see that they are capable in and of themselves is what counseling is all about. Further proof is seen in history that actually drives home this reality. When blacks were recently freed from slavery they had virtually no resources, had no education, Frederick Douglass founded Tuskegee Institute. At this time the Tuskegee Institute was "producing more millionaires than Harvard and Yale combined". What happened? There was no welfare, there were no programs, what happened? What happened is blacks realized their own individual qualities, their own individual abilities and they realized that they could do it themselves. What happened? Self-sufficiency and self-empowerment happened and that needs to happen again. This is what counseling is all about helping the patients recognize that they don't need the counselor, that they have all the answers they need within them. If you want this experience this transformation contact me, we can go on this journey together! 330-255-9227

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