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Unhealthy Relationships

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

All of us seem to have that friend, relative, sister, brother, sometimes even mother and father that seem to have this tendency, this habit to be attracted to people that hurt them and treat them like crap. This person continuously lies to them cheats on them, disrespects them, humiliates them, and even steals from them. Nevertheless, they continue on in this relationship. As we continue to watch this over time we are absolutely amazed as they come to us complaining, crying upset and angry about how this person continuously mistreats them, they make threats, they talk about how horrible the person is. Nevertheless, they return to them, cooking their dinner and all their meals, washing their clothes, in some cases I've even seen them take care of their kids and babysit for them, as they're out cheating on them. Nevertheless, they continue on in the relationship. I know of an instance where the person gave them and transmitted to them a venereal disease twice, and was able to convince the person that they didn't get the disease from them. Even though they knew full well that they were the only person they were sleeping with. In many situations they support them fully financially, in many cases their with this person that doesn't even work, has no job and no car, they give them money, they ride them around like a taxi and sometimes even give them rides to meet the person that they're cheating on them with. After observing this behavior repeatedly for long periods of time it behooves us that we have to ask, "why in the world are you still with this person?". And as unusual as it sounds, we always get the same answer, "because I love them". In our absolute amazement, we asked ourselves, "what kind of love it is that?". And in this statement is revealed both the solution and the problem. This statement makes it very clear that this person suffers from an extremely distorted and a irrational concept of love. This distorted, irrational concept of love is strongly connected to traumatic events and experiences. This is the reason why’s person has such an intensely strong emotional and psychological connections to Unhealthy Relationship. It is this intensely strong psychological connection, that keeps them enslaved to unhealthy relationships. Until these psychological and emotional connections to traumatic events are processed and dealt with these individuals will always be attracted to people that hurt them and will have great difficulty developing healthy relationships with people that treat them in a healthy manner. In fact, healthy relationships will be uncomfortable for them and they will always come up with an excuse that makes sense to only them to get out of healthy relationships and then get back into an unhealthy relationship. Fortunately, psychotherapy and counseling provides an excellent opportunity and proven method to break these unhealthy psychological and emotional connections to unhealthy relationships and people. This therapist has developed a treatment process via individual and group treatment process that is successful in breaking this cycle. Please feel To contact me anytime to start your process to freedom. 330-255-9227

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